Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard (UCIS) Working Group


The Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard (UCIS) Working Group's goals are:

  • To identify interoperability opportunities between various coverage sources
  • To define standard coverage models for commonly used metrics
  • To define an operability standard that allows coverage data to be exchanged among EDA vendors' tools and IC vendors environments
  • To encourage user and EDA technology advancement for the next generation of coverage solutions

Chair: Deepak Manoharan, Qualcomm

Vice Chair: Dave Kelf, OneSpin


The UCIS Working Group was formed in November 2006. The UCIS 1.0 standard was released in June 2012 (See press release and supporting quotes). UCIS is a first step towards the creation of an application interface (API) that allows for interoperability of verification coverage data across multiple tools from multiple vendors. With the growing complexity of chip design, coverage metrics are critical to measuring and guiding design verification. UCIS offers chip designers a standardized way to model and access information among different tools to achieve full verification closure.

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New! UCIS forum and contributions area: forums.accellera.org

The contributions area is an open source repository where engineers and companies can make contributions to be shared with the community.

Video tutorial: "An Introduction to the Unified Coverage Interoperability Standard"