SystemVerilog Mixed-Signal Interface Types Working Group


The charter of the Mixed-Signal Interface (MSI) Working Group is to document a SystemVerilog-compatible language extension to permit interconnect, conversion, and resolution among dissimilar net types in SystemVerilog, including bidirectional connections.

Chair: Tom Fitzpatrick, Siemens DISW
Vice Chair: Peter Grove, Renesas


To develop additional capability integral to the SystemVerilog language to support uni- and bi-directional net connections between logic/UDN (User-Defined Net) and analog/electrical/real signals. This standard will be a strict addition to IEEE 1800 and will not otherwise change the syntax or semantics of SystemVerilog. This will provide vendors a standard on which they can build implementations of this new functionality, and provide users a reliable platform with which to model and simulate complex mixed-signal design and verification environments.

The WG will produce a formal Language Reference Model (LRM) for this new functionality that may be considered an addendum to IEEE 1800.


The Accellera UVM-AMS and SystemVerilog-AMS Working Groups have illustrated that there is a fundamental need for support of bidirectional net connections between logic/UDN (User-Defined Nets) and analog/electrical/real signals as an integral part of IEEE P1800.Unfortunately, this need was not identified in time to include it in the upcoming IEEE 1800-2023. Past efforts to add similar functionality outside of IEEE 1800, such as Verilog-AMS connect modules, have proven unable to address the complexity and usability requirements that have arisen in typical System-on-Chip designs.

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